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In early 2016, Ambre Dahan founded SPRWMN because of a feeling. A trip to Paris from her hometown of Los Angeles had led the fashion designer and mother-of-two to an exquisite cotton-lined stretch leather. This leather, when made into clothes back in her Los Angeles studio, fit like a second skin and made every woman who wore it look and feel like she could do anything. The timing of this discovery was fortuitous: Ambre had always drawn her female friendships from every walk of life, and in early 2016, she had begun to notice that many were describing a feeling, the same one that she was having. And this feeling was manifesting into a dream. The dream was (with thanks to Anais Nin): why wait for someone else to make your world, when you already know how you want it to be, and can make it yourself? Ambre made SPRWMN herself in Los Angeles for all the women who are having the feeling too.
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SPRWMN Leather flared pants
SPRWMN Leather flared pants SPRWMN's Ambre Dahan carefully selects the softest French hides for her collections - each one is chosen to feel like a second skin and hold its...
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SPRWMN BLACK LEATHER ANKLE LEGGINGS Our black leather ankle leggings are versatile and effortlessly chic but what really sets them apart is their exceptional cut and quality. Hand-tailored to ensure an impeccable fit,...
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SPRWMN Logo Sweatshirt Faded Black
SPRWMN Logo Sweatshirt Faded Black Cape not included. 100% cotton faded black sweatshirt with SPRWMN logo sweatshirt. Handmade in Los Angeles. Style No. T784-611-NOC, SWE102C SPRWMN Logo Sweatshirt Faded
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